Poets.org—“Temple Example”

Scoundrel Time —“Hold”

San Diego Reader—Two poems

Harvard Review Online—“Stint”

Plume—Two poems

The Collagist:
“Cadeaux” and “Come Winter”

The Awl—Two poems:
“What to Do With Dead Birds”
“Plate 79 Crocodile Valley of the Kings, Egypt”

Narrative—Three poems
“Dear Matthew”

Slate—Two poems
“Visiting the Real Ranch”

Drunken Boat—Four poems
“In Hannover: Clairvoyance”
“f(N) = 6(s + 7)”
“f(N) = 6(s + 7) – 3”
“Function of X”

Four Way Review—”People of New York”

The Volta—An essay about ideas in things

Video: a reading for the ASU 30th Anniversary celebration

Audio: Poets & Writers Page One—
Sally Ball reading “No Threat, Nuthatch” and a section of “Dear Matthew”